Sunday, August 31, 2008

I need S' mores, please!


Corny but true.   I need S' mores !  'Cause these S' mores Bars were the BEST I've had yet!   I don't think I've eaten anything that I have liked more.   I got the recipe from The Crepes of Wrath.   I've made several recipes from her blog and they all have  been easy and so good!  ( I actually have another recipe of hers that I've made and need to tell you about.) She also posts step by step photos! 

For the most part I followed the recipe with just a few minor changes.    I added about a tablespoon more of the ground graham crackers.  When I measured out the 3/4 cups  of the ground graham crackers  I  found that I had a little more so I just added it.  I used a WHOLE jar of marshmallow cream.  The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups but I figured more is better.  I was RIGHT!  :-) The last change I made was instead of using two king size Hershey's chocolate bars I used 4 regular sized ones from out of a six pack.  They were cheaper and I had a two bars left over for next time.  And there will be a next time!  I might as well give up on losing those ten/twelve pounds I've gained! 

I thought it had cooled down completely but it was actually still a little warm when I cut into it.  Mmmm, mmm, mm!   I hate to say it but I kinda hoped the kids wouldn't care for them.  No the time I got home from work and football practice all but two scrawnier pieces were left! 


Please excuse my photos as the majority of my baking is done at night and since school has started back up there is no time for photos in the morning before work.  And after work it's off to football practice until it's dark.  Any suggestions on how to improve the quality of the photos if you're trying to shoot at night?  Settings, flash, equipment?  Help!

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