Saturday, August 16, 2008

School supplies

Here's a photo of the Twins' school supply mess.  AND we still have not gotten everything.  Some of the supplies were either sold out or Dad simply overlooked them.  You's like how they can't  find the milk though it's right there in the fridge behind the orange juice.  Oh, wait I digress...  This photo doesn't include Babygirl's supplies as she took hers to "meet the teacher" yesterday.  We're down a over $300 and we still have one more big ticket item, a scientific calculator to purchase which will put us way over the $400 mark.   This figure of course doesn't take into consideration school clothes for the three of them and the $90 (on sale) sneakers, Devon (Thank God!  Jalen just got 2 new ones for their birthday and Uncle Ryan also just bought them each a new pair for their belated birthday) needed for school.  Needless to say we're broke and I probably won't be baking much.  Either that or I'll have to start selling what I bake to the kids and my co-workers.  Wait scratch that the kids would just bum money off of me and my co-workers are broke too!  :-)


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