Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lemon bars and a fight

lemon bars Okay in my previous post  I mentioned Babygirl and her love of "helping"  Mama in the kitchen.  What I didn't mention was that the Twins also enjoy helping Mom.  On Tuesday I told Babygirl that we could make a recipe from her cookbook, William Sonoma's Sweet Treats.  She decided on lemon bars.  (I tried to sway her over to another lemon dessert that I saw over at Butter Sugar Flour but she wanted to use her cookbook so lemon bars it would be for Wednesday.)  The biggest reason for agreeing to bake with her was to get her to CLEAN her room.  She's not what you would call neat.

It's 4:30, Wednesday afternoon  and Babygirl hasn't made a dent in cleaning her room.  By this time she's done her best to avoid cleaning it which means I'm making lemon bars by myself.  Upon hearing that Mom doesn't have a helper, Devon pipes up that he would help me.  Okay.  At this time McKenna's madly cleaning  but as soon as she realizes that Devon's  in the kitchen  with me she goes crazy and grabs her cookbook and tries to hide it.  I'm trying to calmly explain (and get back the cookbook) that she needs to finish her room and that when she does she can help too.  Devon of course is trying to wrestle it away from her.  Which leads to Jalen running over from his room, screaming he wants to help me.  Now I have THREE kids arguing and fighting over a cookbook and who's going to be the one to help.  McKenna is screaming it's her cookbook and she doesn't want to share.  Devon saylemon bar forks he just wants to help and Jalen is hollering that he never gets to help and that I love the other two better.  After about a half hour, the lemon bars are being made with Devon and McKenna(grudgingly), Jalen's feeling loved again (he'll be in the kitchen with me tomorrow) and I'm exhausted.  

The lemon bars were excellent and were so easy to make(once the fighting stopped)!  I loved the crust. It was buttery and not too sweet.  (I believe it's considered a shortbread.)  The filling was not overly sweet and had just a hint of tartness.  (Next time more lemon zest!)  The kids LOVED the bars.  They each had two and Devon was angling for a third!  Ya, got me!  I had two! 

lemon bars 2

By the way Babygirl's still cleaning her room!

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