Saturday, August 16, 2008

Self frosting nutella cupcakes.

Before Martha had cupcake week on her show I never knew what blogging was about let alone that there were food blogs out there.  How I came upon it all was through Martha's site.  I saw the clip on Bakerella and  her cupcake pops, googled Bakerella, found a link to her and the rest is history!  Okay this is the part that ties in with the self frosting nutella cupcakes.  After being amazed by Bakerella and her blog I started finding other food blogs. On many of those blogs were posts featuring Donna Hay's self frosting nutella cupcakes.  I have to admit it was the "self frosting" part that intrigued me. 


These were so easy I messed them up!  The good news was that even though I messed them up the kids and their friend still ate them!  The recipe I used was from Baking Bites.  I should make it clear that it was not the recipe but me that messed up.  The recipe called for the cupcakes to bake at 325 degrees for 2o minutes.  Well my oven temp is (lower) off somewhere between 10 to 15 degrees which means I have to set my oven temp higher.  I set it at 345. DUH, it should have been 335 at the most 340!  So, of course,  I over cooked them.  They were dry and quite dense.  Now the self frosting part of the cupcake was OUT OF THIS WORLD!   I can only imagine how good these are when they are not overcooked.  I'm also wondering in what else can I put nutella.


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