Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Hymn

May you have comfort and joy

In this season of merriment,

As we remember, each in his own way,

The time of year God’s Son was sent.

To show forth joy and peace on earth

And give an example of love to the hearts of men,

To save the souls of God’s people,

The Christ Child to the earth did descend.

In the spirit if Christmas

I wish you glad tidings.

May the Star of God’s greatness

Be o’er your life shining.

If in the oncoming year

We all could remember

The ideals we hold dear

In the month of December;

There would really be “Peace on Earth

And Good Will Toward All Men,”

Instead of pretty words in

A Christmas Hymm.

Bonnie Marie


Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year I hope it’s a happy and blessed one!

Ingrid & Family

Friday, December 18, 2009

Remember Me?

It’s Ingrid.  You remember, right?  No?  Remember I like all things marshmallowy, cinnamony, nutty, caramel topped, and banana filled?  Oh, yeah and blondies!  Love the salted  and snickerdoodle ones.  Mmmmm. You remember, now, don’tcha?  :) 

Thanks Michelle and Monica for the emails asking how I was doing!  And Robin Sue who so thoughtfully left me a comment asking where the heck I’ve been!  :) Kidding!  I miss all of you guys!  I miss drooling over all the deliciousness that has been coming out of your kitchens!  And at this time of the year I know its been really good! Speaking of kitchens I haven’t spent much time baking in mine.  I did manage to make some cinnamon roll muffins and some YEASTED cinnamon rolls.  Yes, yes, I did!  Finally! I made my very first batch of REAL cinnamon rolls.  Thanks to Lori and the recipe she emailed me.  We made them the same weekend and intended to post them at the same time but I didn’t get to take any photos.  I was elbow deep in flour and sticky dough the whole time.   I’ve been meaning to make them again but haven’t had any time. :( (Sorry Lori! I stink when it comes to deadlines.  Jut ask Monica who has to wait for me all the time.)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know I’m doing well just very busy and that I haven’t forgotten you!  Hope to be back with something yummy soon!

*The WINNER of my Oh, Nuts giveaway is commenter #28, PuppydogsPuppydogs I need your email address so I can get your address.  If I don’t get it by the end of today.  Babygirl will have to pick a new winner.*

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