Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oreos, chocolate, & cream cheese...can we say brownies?


Unlike a lot of folks I'm not a chocolate fan and I don't care for oreos.  I'm a vanilla girl and the only time I eat oreos is when they are used inside of something else but when I saw the picture of this brownie on Sugar Plum  I just had to try it.  The fact that it had cream cheese settled it for me.   As usual I didn't make any changes.  Have mentioned that I'm a scaredy cat baker?  I'm afraid to change anything in a recipe for fear that it won't turn out.  


I did as the recipe suggested and took them out at 25 minutes.  I don't know if the brownies were supposed be fudgey or the cakey kind but mine leaned to the cakey side.  I do have to tell you that the cream cheese mixture for these brownies was OUSTANDING!  Babygirl licked the beaters clean and I went for the bowl.  The best part is there wasn't any eggs in it, so lick away!  (that didn't sound right) I'm memorizing the recipe for that part of the brownies as I'm sure it would taste great in all kinds of other baked goods that call for cream cheese or cheesecake flavor.


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