Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FYI: Operation No Kid Left Hungry!

The following is a direct copy from Cassie's blog How to Eat a Cupcake (Thx!)  She was recently contacted by Kari Rippetoe of Share Our Strength and asked to say a few words about their new program, "Operation No Kid Hungry" on her blog.  I think it's a great cause and wanted to pass along the information to you.  I, myself know of two communities close to my office that have families that struggle to keep food on the table, the electricity on, and clothes on their children's back.   Starving children/families are a lot closer to home than we realize.  For me it's so close I can literally throw a rock there.  I'm very fortunate to work for a company that has given me money for the past four years to provide "Christmas" and  a "Christmas Dinner" to the children (41 this year) of those communities.  It's not a lot but I know at least one day out of the year they are eating well and exactly what my children are a ham dinner with all the fixin's and that there are also a few gifts from Santa with their names on it.

Share Our Strength has launched a brand new campaign to raise funds to help end childhood hunger. "Operation No Kid Hungry" responds to President-elect Obama's call to action to end childhood hunger by 2015. Share Our Strength has partnered with AT&T to offer two great ways that you can support and participate in "Operation No Kid Hungry":

  1. Donate by text: Text "SHARE" to 20222 on your mobile device to donate $5. AT&T will match all text donations up to $100,000. Find out more here.
  2. Hold a food drive: Beginning January 19th, a national day of community service, help feed those in need by holding your own community food drive. Visit to find a food bank and a list of the most needed nutritious foods.

For more information about "Operation No Kid Hungry" and how you can help end childhood hunger, visit Share Our Strength's website:  There are also more ways you can help get the word out, including banners for your blog and social networking pages here.

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