Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Foodie's Dream Store

Have you guys heard of a "grocery" store called The Fresh Market?  If so how come you didn't tell me about it!!!  That place is pretty incredible.  Initially I thought I was going to a Whole Foods Market but when I got there is was actually The Fresh Market.  Besides being a beautifully laid out store and having a plethora of knowledgeable employees it has everything a gourmet wannabe could possibly need!  They had nuts, dried fruit, fresh cheese, and a variety of other delights which could be purchased in small amounts.  They had an assortment of imported olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Their bakery had an abundance of fresh baked bread and wonderful desserts, the kind that wouldn't make you think twice about buying one (you know what I mean, the "I can make that at home" thought).  They had a fabulous selection of honeys and preserves.  If you are looking for a particular bottle of wine or alcoholic beverage if they don't have it then it's probably not sold.  I found Ciao Bella Gelatos.  I got a coconut sorbetto.  They had MEYER lemons!  I bought three.  They also had blood oranges. I grabbed two.   (I need recipes that best showcase these fruits! HELP!)  There was a cool selection of spices and herbs sold in small baggies.  I finally purchased some cardamom.  I was able to purchase a small packet of it instead of a full bottle at $10.  Yay! Oh, and they had an olive bar.  There I cautiously bought a small serving of marinated feta cheese with kalamata and green olives and I also got an even smaller serving of fresh mozzarella cheese in olive oil, garlic, and herbs!  After snacking on them all evening (there now gone) I wish I had gotten healthier portions of each.  They were divine!  I'm pretty certain the patrons and employees there this afternoon thought I was a big dummy as I oohh'ed and aaahh'ed my way through the store.  The whole time I was there I kept wishing for my camera.   The only little tiny I problem I saw was that NOTHING was cheap.   That's definitely not the place you want to do your weekly groceries at but it wouldn't be too bad as a once a month place to get those foodie staples that last for a few months.  As Arnold said , I'll be BAACK!

Here's a couple of photos.  I meant to take one fresh mozzarella but unfortunately I ate those as I was taking photos of the other stuff and before I knew it they were gone!

DSC00873   DSC00874

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