Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new found love.......

  DSC00347We  HEART Blondies! 

Until this summer the kids and I had never had a Blondie.  I know crazy, right!? Well, we have since had several kinds and have yet to find one we didn't like.  Our favorite is  the Snickerdoodle Blondies from Julia at Dozen Flours though these Butterfinger Blondies from The Crepes of Wrath are pretty darn good. 

Besides Blondies being so good.  They are easy to make unless of course you mess up printing out the recipe and then leave out a cup of flour but hey that's for another post.  Another plus for Blondies is that the ingredients are a staple in every kitchen. What baker doesn't ever have brown sugar, butter, flour, vanilla, and eggs on hand at any given time in their kitchen?  On top of those basic ingredients Blondies can easily be tweaked to suit everyone's taste!  What's not to like? 


If you guys have an awesome "go to" recipe for FAB Blondies leave me a comment with the link.  I'd love to try it! 


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