Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Joe would freak out and shoot himself if I was pregnant and certainly if it was twins, again!  Honey, relax, it's twin awards! 

The first award is from Lorie at Rice and Beans and Other Fine Things.  Great blog which I recently found.  She has several desserts that are in my try stack.  She also has some great organizing tips for those of us that need help in that area.  Go by and check her. 

The second award is from Becky at  Satisfying My Sweet Tooth.  With a blog name like that you KNOW she's gonna have a tremendous amount of yummy desserts!  If you missed her brownies week, click here for day one.  I made day four's  Cookies and Cream Brownies, talk about delicious! The recipe made it from the "must try" stack to the ""must make again" stack which should tell you how just good these were.

7 Things I did before...........

  1. Worked as a Page at the public Library
  2. Attended Lehman's College in NY
  3. Worked at BookStop & then transferred to Barnes & Noble  in NYC
  4. Worked at the Tax Collector's office
  5. Worked at my parent's furniture store
  6. Shopped a lot
  7. Read  a lot

7 Things I do now..........

  1. Work at MMC
  2. Cook but especially bake
  3. Read alone & with the kids
  4. drive the kids to their sports practices and events
  5. study & do homework with the kids
  7. Yell at the kids to "knock it off", "STOP", "run", "be quiet",
  8. Tell them I LOVE them!

7 thing I want to do.............

  1. Be more daring when it comes to baking
  2. Get McKenna to let me throw out more junk!
  3. Be MORE patient, less yelling
  4. Balance my time better
  5. Manage our finances better, save more
  6. Spend more one on one time with Joe
  7. Help my children achieve their full potential & be well rounded

7 things that attract me the opposite sex..........Joe

  1. Blue eyes
  2. loves me and the kids
  3. good with/to us
  4. athletic
  5. great sense of humor
  6. a terrific person
  7. works hard

7 favorite foods.............

  1. SALADS, no onions or tomatoes please
  2. warm gooey marshmallow filled desserts
  3. icy cold milk & water
  4. Blue Belle ice cream
  5. Pizza from NYC served on a piece of wax paper
  6. bread w/ real butter
  7. Pina Colada smoothies

7 things I say..............

  1. Knock it off, stop, be quiet, run, no, okay, I'll think about it
  2. I love you, good job
  3. Devon, Jalen, McKenna, Joe, Mom
  4. Seriously
  5. Holy cow
  6. Aaahh, man
  7. Hi, this is Ingrid from Miller Motorcar

7 awards & tags times 2

  1. Syndey from The Crepes of Wrath
  2. Julia from Dozen Flours
  3. Jin Hooi from Smell and Taste are My First Memory
  4. Fran from Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie
  5. Cassie at How to Eat a Cupcake
  6. Miss.Cupcake.Face
  7. Cakebrain from Cake on the Brian
  8. Duckie from A Duck in Her Pond
  9. Grace from A Southern Grace
  10. Janna from Honeyed Hashette
  11. Frantic Home Cook
  12. Baking Blonde
  13. Nella from Peckerwood Gravy Company
  14. Jaime from Good Eats 'n Sweets

If you haven't visited any of the above blogs then please do so now.  All of them are wonderful and offer something special!!

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