Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simple S'mores Bars


Are simply delicious!  These bars are ridiculously easy, too!  It doesn't get  any easier or better.  This another recipe is from  the  The Crepes of Wrath

I have actually made these bars three times though the first time I didn't get to take a photo as I made them for Devon's baseball team.  The boys and parents raved about them but didn't leave me one to photograph.  The second time I made these was for lasts month's Operation Baking GALS.  Unfortunately that time my camera was in DSC00582Greece vacationing at 5 star spa resort for ten days.  (Must be nice! )Anyway I didn't have my camera so I once again was unable to take any pictures and this is one of those recipes that though it sounds good, it looks even BETTER!  With that said once my camera got back from its vacation it was S'mores time, baby!  When I made this these this past weekend I made them at 10:00 at night and had two new taste testers in the way of Devon's football buddies.  When they asked for seconds I figured theDSC00583y liked them.  Did I mention that I whipped these bad boys together in just minutes?  Because I ran out of semisweet chips and only had  bittersweet ones I didn't add the full amount that the recipe required. 

The exact recipe can be found here.  

 Question:  Has anyone heard of S'mores Ice Cream?  Recipe?


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