Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally some books...a lot of books

I'm an avid reader.  I love books and to a lesser extent magazines.  I love crisp new pages and the smell of the new books.  Before I purchase a new book or magazine  I have to look them over to find the perfect one,  pages straight , no bent corners, covers not scratched.  I must look crazy in the store handling all of the books to find the best one.

I generally always carry with me something to read.  I will be honest and say that most DSC00047of the reading I do is "light" fiction.  I have read and enjoyed some "heavier" stuff but with kids and a super crazy schedule I need something I can pick up and put down with ease.

This past month I've hit jackpot!  I've gotten FIVE different cookbooks and the new Cody McFayden thrill, The Darker Side!  If you haven't read any of his previous two books and you love a good FBI thriller  run to your nearest library or bookstore!  I've also read some other stuff but nothing worth writing to mama about.

I also have 2 more cookbooks that should be here sometime this week!  I've gotten so many in that I haven't had a chance to do more than browse through them quickly. 

Here are the newest additions to my over flowing kitchen bookshelves!

Do you know the craziest thing about all the cookbooks, I have about 150, most of them about baking?  Is that I hardly make anything out of them! I have become so entrenched in the blogosphere and all that YOU are baking that after I read the cookbook, on my shelf it goes and stays.  Here's another funny thing....some of the recipes I've tried from YOUR blogs have been adapted or taken out of the very same cookbook that is sitting on MY shelf!  How come I didn't see that recipe?  Why?  'Cause it didn't have the awesome photos that yours did!

One last thing my "supplier" is The Good Cook.  Love that site!

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