Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snickerdoodle Blondies Peabody style

Sorry (Peabody) my photo isn't the most appetizing! Actually my honey snapped this photo for me using the light box he made me.

I baked these  on one of the nights I was sick as the kids were nagging me to make them something. Remembering that Peabody had recently posted a snickerdoodle blondie recipe and my family's love of snickerdoodle blondies I decided to give her recipe a try.  It helped that with the begging came an offer of help.  (Thank you, Devon, I know Mommy was very grumpy that night!)


I didn't tell the kids that this was a different snickerdoodle blondie recipe.  I wanted to see if they noticed anything different. (I have little foodies in the making and their taste are pretty discriminating.) Julia, good news lady, you won, I'm not sure what you won but  my children,especially Devon think you're a genius.  :-)   I think the biggest difference is the nutmeg that Peabody's recipe calls for.  I didn't get all scientific and I'm certain if you look at the recipes side by side there are others, mascarpone one, but in my humble, know nothing opinion I think that  it was the nutmeg.

I didn't make any changes to the recipe, following it exactly. When I first checked the blondies (5 minutes prior to when the recipe said) they looked done. They had puffed up a bunch and were quite brown but they didn't pass the tooth pick test. Yikes, by the time they were done and still fudgy my blondies were not so blonde.  Fortunately they were still quite good though I had to cut away about an inch in from around the edges.  With all that said there were no complaints and were gobbled up quickly.  It was only during the first stuffing of their mouths that they mentioned something tasted different and asked was I "messing" with the recipe?!  Nope, I wasn't "messing" with the recipe just trying a new one I explained.  No more new ones, we like the old one  was their response. :-)

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