Thursday, March 5, 2009

M & M Overload for Valentine's Day

I read  A LOT of blogs and always enjoy the story that's posted with the recipe but for some reason I can never think of anything interesting about my life that goes with the recipe I'm blogging about.  You would think I had a plethora of stories considering I have three children.  They should keep me in funny stories until they're grown and out of the house but no, nothing ever comes to mind.  So here I am again scratching my head for something to say.


I made these brownies on the night of 12th for Babygirl's class.  They were celebrating Valentine's on Friday the 13th.  Hmmm, I didn't realize what day it was until I just typed it.  The night I made these Devon and I had just finished up the last of his two projects. It was after a 11 and  I realized that I still hadn't made anything for Babygirl's class.  Into the pantry I went and out came the " buy one get one free" box of brownie mix. (love 'em)  Yes, I've made brownies from scratch but the truth? I never just make the box version, they are always souped up and no one has ever said "hey, these came out of box." so I see no point in stressing myself with homemade if the recipe doesn't call for it.  These aren't a recipe but more an idea from various blogs that I visit. (Sorry a month later, I don't remember.  Feel free to remind me.)

Here's what I did....followed DSC01056the box directions(that was hard!), added a heaping hand full of M&Ms to the batter, and baked as directed. The following morning I drizzled white Wilton's candy melts over the brownies and topped it with M&M's while still wet. I  pushed the M&M's gently into the "chocolate" and then drizzled the brownies again this time with pink Wilton's candy melts. I sprinkled the top with the last  of the M&M's and I was done, all that was left was to bag 'em up!

I didn't taste them but from what Babygirl said they were a hit and her classmates were happy she didn't come to class empty handed.  I have to tell you that she's getting a rep for bringing in treats on special occasions.  Her little friends are giving her(me) special requests. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to Joe who was packing her lunch that I had baked some ???? and that to put one in Babygirl's lunch.  He said that he had but that she said she didn't want to take it because she's tired of her classmates asking her what her mom made and if she wanted to trade.  LOL! 

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