Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whole meyer lemon tart

5 I've got a few recipes that I've made but haven't blogged about yet thanks to being sick for a week. So this is going to be short, sweet, and a little tart. 


DSC01044 Well, if you've been reading here you'll remember that I recently bought and tried meyer lemons.  Since that first time I've purchased more and made this whole lemon tart I saw on Smitten Kitchen. It was very good and one of the twins, Devon absolutely loved it.  I know some people commented  on Deb's blog and mentioned that it didn't go well for them but I didn't have any issues and it was my first time making tart (or pie) crust.  I did find the recipe for the crust a bit confusing but in the end it worked out.  I made my tart in the rectangular tart pan that I received for Christmas this year which means my crust was thicker than what it would have been had I used the proper sized pan.

DSC01020Next up will be meyer lemon curd but first photos of a dessert (a  kinda charlotte, trifle thingy) I made.  I won't post the recipe (there wasn't one) to as it was pretty but just okay nothing that you couldn't whip up on your own (& probably even better).

FYI~ the lemon tart photos are courtesy of my sitter, Miss Karolyn! 


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