Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meyer lemons & what to make?

DSC00937 Earlier this month I raved about a great "grocery" store I found called The Fresh Market.  In that post I mentioned that I finally found and bought meyer lemons.  Yay, now what to make!?  There are an amazing amount of lemon recipes floating out there, several of which I thought to try. (click here to see a meyer lemon recipe round up which I didn't find until after I used my lemons!) The problem I kept running into was that I didn't buy enough lemons.  I only bought three!  One of the things I thought to make but was secretly glad I didn't have enough lemons for was lemon curd!  (click to see the gorgeous lemon curd by Sweet Charity Pie) It goes back to being a scaredy cat baker!  During the course of my "research" there was recipe that I couldn't shake. It was Ina Garten's Lemon Yogurt  Cake  that I had previously seen on a few blogs (in 2008).  The blog, Picky Cook had made a grapefruit version of Ina's recipe and while I wasn't using grapefruits I couldn't get her photos out of my head.

Meyer Lemon Yogurt Cake and mixed emotions.  I'm not certain how I feel  about it.  While the recipe was easy enough  I did have to adjust a few things in order to make it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have extra large eggs and  I didn't have the full amount of plain yogurt.  (lesson learned... read recipes slowly and carefully!)  Because I have grown some what as a baker, I forged on and made what I thought was the best adjustments.  They were as follows instead of three extra large eggs I used four large ones.  For the 8 ounces of plain yogurt I used 6 ounces and added 2 ounces of sour cream. Feeling proud of myself I completed the recipe and had a taste once it cooled and was glazed!  Nope, didn't really like it.  I'm not sure why. It was very moist, almost overly so.  As for the kids they ate it, no complaints and one of the Twins really enjoyed DSC00940it. He made certain to eat his share which is unusual for him as he often only gives my desserts a try leaving the lions' share for his twin. Day two, I cut myself a tiny sliver, taste, okay, this is not bad.  I cut myself a bigger slice.  Day three, hmm, there's still a slice left albeit a thick one, cut it in half, taste. Hey, this is actually really good.  Weird, did my changes noticeably effect the outcome or is this one of those desserts that needs to sit for a day or so before you eat it?  Okay, I just remembered I might have made another booboo.  I read somewhere that if you'd like a pretty seam on top of your cakes baked in a loaf pan take a knife and run it down the center.  I tried the tip; again, I don't know if it was my adjustments to the recipe but the seam while pretty did not rise up above the pan until much later during the course of its baking time. Instead the edges did which (I think) lead to their over browning!  In order to truly see if it was me or not.  I need to make this again following the recipe!

DSC00983Here's a photo of my babygirl...check out her sleeve thingies (not sure what they're called).  When I asked how everyone liked her outfit she said that they liked the "sleeves" best.  She's a trendsetter! LOL!



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