Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lipsmacking goodness is right!

A couple of weeks when I blogged about making my Butterscotch Marshmallow  DSC00971Brownies with Butterscotch Ganache Lori left me a comment about having an amazing butterscotch bar recipe.  Well, I wasn't about to let her get off teasing me like that so I demanded, er commented that I would love to have the recipe.  Ask and you shall receive!   That very same day she blogged about them and posted the recipe.  She was right these bars are A-mazing!  We loved them! (I don't count Babygirl's opinion because she just likes to be difficult! Paybacks...for those of you who do not have children and intend to someday hope you were good!)  Okay, now listen to this name, Browned Butter Oat Bars!  I don't know about you but once I read browned butter I was done!  That name has something for everyone. For those of you who are on a health kick you have oats.  LOL!  And the "bars" part of the name appeals to those of us who want easy.


I have another yummy recipe coming from a fellow blogger. It's baking as we speak.  While I haven't tasted it yet it's smells great! Stay tuned!

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