Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peanut Butter Mousse Bars

I LOVED this dessert!  With that said DSC00944I have to tell you a something about myself.  I'm not a fan of chocolate or peanut butter.  I won't eat peanut butter on it's own and well, unlike many I don't go gaga over chocolate.  Yeah, I'll eat a brownie if it's been kicked up a notch but that's about it for me.  If and when a recipe calls for chocolate I use  dark and when I can, I'll leave it out all together.  Here's where I'm  really strange.  I like peanut butter and chocolate together.  A lot which is why (along with yummy pictures) I decided to give this a try.   

I initially was going to make this to bring to the Twins' baseball practice, but I ran out of time and made them Cheater DSC00947Snicker Brownies instead.  Am glad I ran out of time!  I would have gotten one little piece had I brought them to baseball. Greedy but true!  This was soooo good!  And I LOVED the peanut butter mousse!  It was "lick the bowl" good!  I wanted to but I restrained myself and used the spatula to get every last little bit of it.

 DSC00953Okay, back to this delish bars.   Another thing I loved about the bars was how lovely they looked after cutting them.  You can clearly see the contrasting layers.  The ganache topping didn't  harden up so much that it cracked when cut making for a smoother cut.

This bar recipe comes to you courtesy of Dianne's Dishes who as you may remember is my blogging Mama!  Please check her out she has  a lot of great recipes, including gluten free ones, and healthier ones for those of you making a lifestyle change.  You want bread ?  She's got bread! Take a look!

On another note:  Baseball did not go as well as we would have liked this weekend.  We won both our games yesterday but lost today's which was the one that mattered.  The Twins' personally did NOT have their best stuff though Jalen did a good job pitching.  In 1 & 2/3 innings he struck out 4, walked 2, hit a batter, gave up only 1 hit & did not give up a run. We ended up 2 & 1.

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