Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: Lick The Bowl Good

Hello Everyone! I am Monica from Lick The Bowl Good and I was asked by Ingrid to be a guest blogger here on her blog while she's away on vacation. Ingrid and I have become great friends over the last year and a half, so of course I said YES! I am honored to be here and thank you for having me.

Originally I wasn't sure what recipe I wanted to share with you. Would I share something savory? Or would I treat you with cookies (which he doesn't like to make) or chocolate and raisins (which she despises)? In the end, I wanted whatever I featured on this blog to reflect Ingrid's personality and her blog style. I also still wanted her to be my friend and I knew if I made something with raisins in it, that she'd stop talking to me. ha ha!

So today I have a special cookie for you. I made these for McKenna's 11th birthday last month. I made snowflake sugar cookies for them over the holidays and they all really enjoyed them. So much so that Ingrid decided to make some for the dessert table at her brother's wedding. She used the same recipe I did, but for some reason McKenna claims mine were better. I'm not sure if that's true or if that's just what Ingrid told me so she wouldn't have to make them again :-) Either way, McKenna asked nicely so I sent her some in a surprise birthday package.

Ingrid said I could make and decorate them in any way I wanted, so I decided to turn to my Message In A Cookie Cutters that I got from Williams-Sonoma. I planned on doing pink and purple and was immediately shut down. Ingrid told me she's not a girly girl and that she prefers blues, greens and yellows. I still wanted them to be somewhat feminine, young and fun so I settled on purple, lime green and a dark peacock blue. I cut them into hearts and scalloped rectangles then accented them with white royal icing for contrast and added sweetness. They were then bagged and tagged with these sweet embossed stickers given to me by my friend Janet. I think this completes the package- thanks Janet!

Rather than typing out the recipe, I'll just link to it back on my blog since it's lengthy. The recipe for the sugar cookies can be found HERE. Thank you all for allowing me to share a recipe and photos with you. I hope you enjoy them. Ingrid has a picture of McKenna with her cookies so maybe if you ask nicely she'll share it with you when she returns!
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