Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sticky Toffee Pudding


For years I’ve drooled over photos and lusted after sticky toffee pudding.  To help nudge me along this year I even bought the dates for it, but  it wasn’t until I saw Julie’s from The Sporadic Cook that I finally bite the bullet and made it myself.  Was it everything I thought it would be?  I’m not sure.  I don’t know if I hyped it up too much in my head or if I  messed up the recipe (the very center of my pudding didn’t cook through) but it wasn’t quite what I expected.


In trying to write this post and looking back at it all now….yeah, it was me.  I was expecting to take that first bite and be totally blown away. But instead of taking a bite of the whole thing put together, I tried just the  plain “pudding”.  And well, let’s just say the “pudding” on its own was nothing spectacular.  The toffee sauce on the other hand was good but it still wasn’t until I put the two together that the sticky toffee pudding magic happened.  Topping it with unsweetened whip cream added another layer of yumminess and it got even better as it sat. 


In all fairness to my sticky toffee pudding dreams I would make this again but with some changes.  I wouldn’t use all dark brown sugar.  (Julie used half white and half  brown.)  I’d poke holes in the pudding after it came out of the oven and pour half of the toffee sauce over it.  After pouring the sauce on, I would let it sit and soak it up before digging in.  Lesson learned!  :)


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