Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some News & A Crisp

Hi!  Before I tell you about this super yummy blueberry crisp that I adapted from Jonna’s recipe at Get Off Your Butt And Bake I have to tell you some news.  Good news!


First bit of good news.  I was contacted a week or so ago by Rebecca at Frigidaire’s online store inquiring about my interest in submitting a recipe to be featured on their site.  After mulling it over for a few days I responded with a happy yes, so be on the look out for more information on my recipe submission.


Last Tuesday was my birthday and for my birthday I convinced my honey to let me get a fancy schmancy new camera.  I pulled one of the kids’ tricks and called him while he was distracted at work.  LOL  Here’s the one I got.  With the camera I also, ordered two “how to” books.  A Dummies one (Thanks for the recommendation, Ann Marie!) for learning how to use my particular camera and one for learning how to use Photoshop Elements. It was time.  I’ve had the program for a so long they’ve come out with a new version.    :(  Hopefully over the next several months you’ll see a gradual improvement to my photos.  Along with the camera I got a few other gifts, one in particular was from a sweet friend who gave me 4 mini Le Creuset pie plates.  They’re absolutely lovely and will be putting in an appearance here at 3B’s in the near future.


Next up.  It’s vacation time, baby!!  (10 glorious work free days. Well, 2 driving and 8 of rest.)  This coming Friday we’re hitting the road and heading out of Florida to visit our parents in the mountains of North Carolina.  Normally I would not post anything while I was gone but this time I asked Monica and Michelle if they would write a guest post and they both agreed!  Aren’t we lucky?!  You’re in for a treat and from our email exchanges I think that they even have plans to load you up on some chocolate goodies.  Please make them feel welcome and say hi when they visit.  :)  Now for that blueberry crisp I promised you!


I found this terrific crisp recipe at Get Off Your Butt and Bake and as soon as I saw it I got off my butt and baked!  This was crazy fast and so easy to put together.  I even baked mine in my toaster oven on the bake setting.  I did have to improvise a bit as Jonna’s was a peach and raspberry crisp and I didn’t have either fruit.  What I did have was some blueberries but not enough to make the full recipe. I had to cut the filling recipe into thirds but I only halved the crisp topping.  Pretty smart of me, huh?  Crisp topping gooood!  :)  Instead of giving you the recipe I’m going to send you over to Jonna’s.  She whips up some good looking food that is sure to get you off your butt and into the kitchen. 


Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!  I appreciate the time you take to do so.  Unfortunately I won’t be commenting much on your blogs while I’m on vacation and maybe not at all.  I’ll catch up with you guys when I get back after the first of August and please, this would be an ideal time to post all your chocolate and raisin filled posts!  HA! :) See ya!

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