Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been adopted!!!

adopt2 Guess what? I've been adopted!  I now have a new blogging "mom"  and "sister".  Yea, me!    My "mom" is Dianne from Diannesdishes  and my new "sister" is Nella from Peckerwood Gravy Company!  Nella and I are fortunate to have Mama Dianne take us under her wing!  Not many people have the fortitude to knowingly take on Twins.  Go check out their blogs.....Please!!!!!  :-)

A few weeks ago at Dine and Dish I saw a cool post about adopting "newbie" bloggers.    It caught my attention...'cause I'm a "newbie" blogger.  The event is called Adopt A Blogger. How it works is a "veteran" blogger takes a "newbie" blogger under his or her wing, answering questions and showing them the ropes. Both the veteran and the newbie have to add each other to their blogroll and try one of other's recipes and blog about it.   At the end of the time the veteran writes up at post about the experience and give a helpful tip about blogging on Dine and Dish.  For more information go here.  If you haven't been to Kristin's blog, Dine and Dish you should check it out! She's pretty funny and has some great recipes!

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