Thursday, July 31, 2008

Graduation Cake II

It's over. Monday was my last class for Wilton's Course II. I am taking the month of August off and will not continue on to Course III until September at which time I will be taking the third course with a new instructor. I feel bad but as I mentioned in previous posts my instructor leaves something to be desired. In Course II it became obvious that her cake decorating skills were shaky and what skills she did have she could not pass along to me or my classmate, Wendy. Both Wendy and I agree while we "like" her we were not learning what we needed to get to the next level. Don't get me wrong neither one of us is looking to decorate cakes for a living but we were not leaving the class confident in what we learning. I took the courses to improve the overall look of the cakes I was baking for my friends and family. While I did get better and learn some it was due in large part to the reading and practicing I did at home. In looking at blogs online which took the same courses I would see cakes that were decorated in their class none of which we did in our class. The Wilton's courses are VERY structured no matter where you take it all the same materials and (supposedly) learning techniques are used. With that said here's my graduation cake. My instructor left before I was actually done placing all of my flowers.

grad cake I grad cake II

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