Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guess what?

I have MORE photos! Two to be exact. These are pictures of my graduation cake from Wilton's Cake Decorating Class I. I'm not satisfied with the final cake but considering how unstructured things were in class I'm not totally embarrassed to post the pictures.

Unfortunately the pictures are not as nicely done as the ones that are posted on the sites that I LOVE but hey it's a start. The colors on the cake are difficult to make out. The roses (done all by myself w/frosting too stiff) and top border (dots) are blue. The vines, leaves, and lettering are green and the bottom shell border is purple.
Okay, I'll say it again.....I need feedback!!! In order to get better I need to hear/read your comments. You won't hurt my feelings. Plus it gets kinda boring talking to myself! :-)

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