Sunday, May 31, 2009

Babygirl's Cake

DSC01649 Babygirl made this yellow cake with chocolate frosting for her sitter, Miss Karolyn's birthday. She found the recipe in her William Sonoma Sweet Treats cookbook.  It's a nice starter cookbook for children.  This is actually the third  recipe she's made from it.  (The other two recipes were much better and the black bottom cupcakes were flat out gooood!) I'd say she made 90% of this cake by herself.  She calls herself a "pro-in-training"!  I call her bossy! 

The recipe calls for the layers to bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes.  This HAS to be a mistake as ours were over cooked at about 40 minutes which was when I started checking it.  I personally wouldn't make this but I would let Babygirl give it another try with me checking it after 30 minutes.


Besides baking the cake she also decorated it herself AND took the photos. I think her beginning photos just might be better than mine.

Baseball update:  We played our last "official" tournament of the season. Unfortunately it didn't end as we would have liked but the team did go down battling. 

Next up for my two is a trip to Cooperstown, NY for 5 baseball filled days.  They are going with their coach.  I'm staying behind. I will though be able to watch two of their pool play games on the internet  and all of Thursday's games if their team advances passed Wednesday. 

I'm sorry I haven't been around this weekend to read what delish yummies you've been whipping up and comment.  I wish I could say this coming week will be a slower one but I've got a TON of baking to do for the kids' end of the year parties.  With the twins in middle school they have 7 classes which means more than one teacher.  Luckily I'm not baking for all fourteen of them just three.  I'm hoping they don't come home from school and at the last minute add a teacher or two!  :)  

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