Sunday, May 3, 2009

Angel Cake


This Angel Cake almost didn't happen. As a matter of fact this is the second cake that was chosen by Charity and I's two person baking group.  The first cake we chose was Baked's Snowball cupcakes which are coconut cupcakes filled with coconut cream and topped with a coconut cooked flour frosting. This was my choice.  Sounds good doesn't it but we just couldn't get excited enough about it to get around to making it, maybe next time.  With that cake by the wayside I decided to bypass my turn and let Charity chose the next cake. Charity chose an Angel Cake from the Joy of Cooking.  If you're here from Charity's blog or already ready her post you'll have read that she had issues finding an aluminum tube pan.  Six stores later and still no pan.  Determined to make this cake she finally caved and bought a nonstick one.   Me? I've had a tube pan that I purchased some time ago but never used. I'm finally gonna get to break that sucker in but wait! Charity has mentioned in her emails that she can NOT find a nonstick one.  Hmm, yeah. It got me thinkin'.  Could mine be nonstick?  Uh, yeah. It's nonstick.  Well, I learned from Charity that the aluminum ones are hard to come by if you don't order it online so I just used my nonstick one and prayed that it worked ok.  I think it worked but here's the thing I'm not sure how tall the cake should have been.  Mine only rose to three inches but unlike Charity's mine never sank.  I've never tasted homemade Angel Cake before so I'm not sure if this is what it's supposed to taste like but I do know it tastes waaaaaaaaaaaay better than any store bought or boxed one I ever tasted.  I loved this cake.  Based on my prior experiences with Angel Cake I was prepared to not like it.  I figured like the store bought kind it would need something , berries, whipped cream but it didn't and it's a "healthy" cake! Because I was already behind the eight ball with the pan I went ahead and just made the plain one but I'm going to try some of the other flavors.  There's even a candy bar one! 


Please, hop over to Charity's to see how she faired with her cakeDSC01570 and get the recipe.  She also has some helpful tips. If you like Angel Cake give it a try.  I actually thought it was pretty easy and much better than any store bought one or mix.  The toughest part for me was flipping that hot tube pan over without burning myself or dropping it on the floor.

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