Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look what my Honey & Babygirl have been up to


                                        Gooey Butter Coffee Cake


They decorated  our house.  Babygirl is a serious Daddy's girl and she helped him on Friday put up all the lights and decorate the tree inside.  The above photo is from Saturday night and the one underneath here is from tonight after we added some more white lights.  Babygirl thinks we need more but I say it's just right.  I prefer all one color but Joe decided to surprise me with some color and added the green and red candy canes.  What do you think?


Here they are cooking it up in the kitchen as well.  Who do you think is helping who?



They made the gooey butter coffee cake found here.  Joe heard about a gooey butter cake from St. Louis on the radio and came home talking about it.  He actually searched online for a recipe and also read the history of the cake.  I think it was the  gooey butter part that got his attention.  The cake was VERY sweet and might have been a tad over cooked but was still pretty gooey.  If you decide to give the recipe a try I would suggest cutting back on the powdered sugar by at least 1 cup. 










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