Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's what kept me busy tonight~UPDATED


I hate melting white chocolate, white candy melts, and almond bark! Basically anything white that needs to be melted!  Tonight I made white chocolate "snowflakes"  that I sprinkled with blue sanding sugar.  In theory it was easy. In practice it was (feel free to insert a curse word here) not easy. I don't curse but if I did let's just say that I would have used every one I knew!  It took me three hours to only make about 30 of them.  It DSC00776wasn't so much the melting of the chocolate that was making me crazy but the  keeping it melted.  That and the consistency.  It was either too running (over did the paramount crystals) or it was firming up too quickly (not enough) in the squeeze bottle.

I made 29 "snowflakes"  and a "letter" for two of her teachers.  I only neeDSC00777ded 20 of the "snowflakes" but made 28 for just in case.  I've already had  four casualties so I'm thankful I didn't stop when I hit 21!  I am planning on baking a batch of cupcakes and placing a lovely "snowflake" on each one.  Babygirl will take them to school for Friday's Christmas party.  She's supposed to be bringing apples slice and will but I think these will be more fun!  If you've been wondering what's up with the quotes around the word snowflakes it because those have to be the lamest snowflakes I have ever seen!  Some look like crosses, there are a few that look like blue bugs, I had two that looked like anchors and three of the four casualties were ones that I gave to  the kids to eat. NO amount of sprinkles were saving those!


*Update:  On Thursday night besides making the cupcakes and dipping my homemade marshmallows, I also made truffles.  OH>MY>GOODNESS!  These are (for me) THE BEST I've eaten.  They were sooooo good.  I don't know how many I ate but I would have eaten more had I not sent most of them to babygirl's class party.  I've mentioned before but I don't like milk chocolate.  I'll eat a dark chocolate truffle if offered one but I'll pass on candy bars, chocolate ice cream, or cake.  DSC00784Once in awhile I'll make brownies but when I do I'll usually add something like cream cheese,  peanut butter,  Oreos, or maybe mint to the batter.  The recipe for the truffles that I used was from Elle's blog, Elle's New England Kitchen.  I'll be making these truffles again very soon.  Really they deserve their very own post.  They are much to good to be a side note.


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