Thursday, June 5, 2008


Okay, real quick!

First the cake bites are easier than the cakeballs on a stick. Second the red velvet cake bleed into the white candy melts some though mostly from the cake crumbs that fell into the melted candy - A LOT! Third clean up is as much work as making them. So with those thoughts out there would I make them again? Yes, to the cake bites. On the cakeballs on the stick don't think so. All in all they both came out really, reallywell. Especially for my first foray into Bakerella's world! I actually made them for a party. That should say something if I'm willing to let them out in public.

Oh, couldn't find the camera to take pix. Okay, so I didn't look but in my defense I was busy!

I wanna give a BIG "shout out" to my Babygirl who helped until it was bedtime and my honey, Joe who helped when my fingers were coated in candy bark and really wanted to be relaxing! Love you guys!
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