Thursday, June 19, 2008

Candy melt experiments

Last night I ventured into uncharted territory. I used alphabet candy molds. I'm making 2 different flavored batches of cupcakes and a 6" cake for my brother's engagement party. I'm going to put one letter on a cupcake to spell out congratulations. On the top tier will be the cake. Standing on top of the cake will be my crowning achievement.....on wax paper I drew out my brother's and his finance's first initials entwined and I traced it with the white candy melts and then sprinkled (covered) them with silver dragees. It came out REALLY nice. The true test will come when I have to stand it up on top of the cake. Keep your fingers crossed.

Working with the candy melts was fairly easy. I used the squeeze bottles and was able to save the candy that was left over. The toughest part was getting the chocolate out of the mold. I didn't let the candy harden up in the fridge instead left it on the counter for just a few minutes. Didn't work. It needs to get cold. Once I took them out of the fridge they popped right out! Let me tell you I felt like a BIG DUFUS! I spent more time yesterday and ruined two letters trying to get them out! Hint to all: not only read the directions prior to starting but actually comprehend what you just read.

Tomorrow I will bake all of the cupcakes and cake. I'm making strawberry and cream cupcakes, s'mores cupcakes from Iheartcuppycakes, and Bakerella's simple sprite cake. On Saturday I will frost, ice, decorate, and assemble the cake and cupcakes. Wish me luck as I don't have much room for mistakes.
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