Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hey, guys! I need to give credit where credit is due........Bakerella! Another B! For the past month and half I've been excitedly reading her posts and drooling over great pix of her baking creations. I've not only been inspired to bake more, dare more, to not be afraid but also to put my baking masterpieces (NOT) out there. In finally getting up the nerve I thought to myself why limit it to baking (food)? Why not to all the interests in my life, family included.

Thank you, Bakerella!

Now with that said I have been working on Bakerella's cake balls/cake pops. Yesterday I made the cake mixes and mushed them up with the frosting. I did two batches. So, today I'm gonna a be a cake rolling fool which means I'm not taking the Twins to baseball practice. I'll do Babygirl and gymnastics so I won't have to be up all night, rollin' and dippin'! In between all of that I'm gonna look for my camera so I can post my first pix. It will be my luck that I find the camera and then can not figure out how to post the pix.
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