Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rising to the Challenge

DSC02444 Some of you may have seen this post of Coleen’s or perhaps this post of Katy’s.  No? Maybe this one of Katy’s?  Well, a couple of weeks ago in a comment on Katy’s Mall Style Cinnamon Rolls I mentioned to her that I was a scaredy cat when it came to yeast and that my poor children were cinnamon roll deprived.  Worse than deprived,  I made them Pillsbury’s refrigerated canned ones! Sadly my children have really come to like them.  I guess, figuring that was as good as it was going to get.  (Yes, Monica that would TOTALLY stink if I learned to make cinnamon rolls and the kids preferred that canned stuff!)  After reading my comment Katy took pity on the kids, er me and decided to help me conquer my fear of yeast.  She promptly sent an email telling me of her intentions and later emailed again to say that she “talked” to Coleen and they both agreed to help get me past my yeast fears! 


Both of these lovely and generous bloggers have gone beyond the call of duty. They have each taken the time to post easy and doable recipes for me (AND YOU!).  These recipes include tons of photos and clear directions.  Coleen has gone so far as to issue us a challenge to get off our butts, conquer our fear of yeast and get to baking with it!  She knew what she was doing,  not one to let a direct challenge like that pass  I got to baking her Fool-Proof Butterhorns.


For the recipe and some step by step photos click here to see Coleen’s post.  Don’t forget to check out Katy’s two yeast friendly recipes!








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