Monday, August 9, 2010

I’m back!

Hiya!  I’m back! Sorta.  :)  I’m trying to get the kids ready for school so I haven’t done any baking.  (I am working on a challenge with Monica and Michelle but more on that at a later date.) Along withback to school shopping we’re also finishing up our summer reading and projects.  Any thoughts on required summer reading?  Mine will not only be taking a test on their book the first day of school, but the twins also have a massive project! Why, oh why does the school district think that summer projects need to be turned in on the first day of school?  Can you imagine?  Your first day of school, you’re struggling to find classes, and you have to carry around a huge tri-fold project board?  Yeah, I don’t think that was well thought out.  LOL, thanks for letting me vent!

Here are some photos of our visit to North Carolina.  The town my parents live in is so small it doesn’t have a post office or police station!  There are only 302 people that live there. Btw, there is also no cellular service.

bears in the woods

Bears in the woods.

blue sunset

The view on the way up to my parents’ cabin on Yellowtop Mountain.


Butterfly in the butterfly plant.  There are probably a 100 butterflies and bees in it.

daisy 2


My dad, Papa!


I love these guys!  Jalen, Joe, McKenna, & Devon!

papa's cabin

My parents’ cabin on Yellowtop Mountain.

Parrett sign

The sign leading up my parents’ very steep driveway.

mom & daisies

My raspberry recipe lovin’  Mom, Linda!


A farm we pass driving into town.

family plus

McKenna, Joe, Jalen, Mom, Dad, Joe’s brother Butch, his Dad Sonny, and Devon.  I’m behind the camera.

fave tree

I LOVE this tree!  The whole scene is kinda surreal looking. This was at the cabin Joe’s dad, Sonny rented while we were there. 

fire pit

The fire pit where lots of s’mores would have been made had it gotten the slightest bit cool.

fave tree close up

IMG_0082-1 - Copy

This photo was taken with the camera on Joe’s phone the rest of the photos were taken with my new camera.  

my three

See these guys?  They are what keep me from baking, blogging, and reading as much as I want! :)

I’m submitting this post to Household 6 Diva’s Mamarazzi Monday!

Mamarazzi Monday

Thanks for sticking around! I know this was a little long.  I’ll be back soon with a yummy recipe. Oh, and before I forget MANY, MANY thanks to my guest bloggers Michelle and Monica! Both of whom shared some delish recipes with you. Ones that you wouldn’t normally get here; cookies and chocolate!

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