Monday, February 1, 2010

Soft Pretzels

Last year Monica and I baked together quite a few times.  Our adventures in baking were cupcakes out of Martha Stewart’s Cupcake cookbook.  This year we stepped it and dragged along Michelle from One Ordinary Day. Over the next year we hope to conquer our fears and expand our baking horizons. 


Michelle chose soft pretzels as our first challenge.  Knowing I was baking with these two awesome bakers and bloggers gave me the push I needed to give these a try!  (FYI, I first drooled over pretzels after seeing Ann’s at Household 6 Diva!) Michelle chose Alton Brown’s recipe which she saw made here on Macheesmo.


Unfortunately my photos don’t really do the pretzels justice but the good news is you can check out Michelle’s and Monica’s pretzels which are sure to be stellar. 


I opted to make all my pretzels cinnamon sugar ones. You’re shocked right?  :)


I hope that we’ve motivated you to try your hand at making pretzels.  The recipe is straight forward and the dough isn’t too difficult to work with, just remember to have everything in place.

DSC02844 ***Click here for the printable recipe I used!***

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