Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bananas + Biscuits = Yum!


For those of you who have read my blog a few times know this post has several elements that are fairly standard to my blog.  Bananas.  We’re fond of bananas and you can find quite a few recipes here where bananas are key.  Another two are caramel and cinnamon which for me pretty much go hand in hand with bananas. Wait, who am I kidding?  There isn’t much those two don’t go with. (Am I right, Grace? Monica?) But the last two are quick and easy.  I love pretzels and cinnamon rolls but I really, really love quick and easy especially when it’s full of flavor! These upside down banana pecan biscuits, that I found on Monica’s blog  deliver on quick, easy, AND flavor. 

jan 21

Wait! It gets better.  There’s no wrong way to make these and customize them to your tastes.  You don’t like bananas?  Want  walnuts instead?  Play with it…make the recipe yours!  My two suggestions for maximizing the flavors are to lightly toast your nuts especially if you’re adding them straight from the freezer (They’re not in the oven long enough to get nice a toasty.) and to use the canned (Make your own if you’re so inclined but did you catch the key words, quick and easy?) biscuits that are your favorite.  Don’t go with ones you hate but they’re on sale and you think you won’t mind them in this recipe.  You will.  (I made that mistake with this pie and bought the cheapy crust. Learn from my mistakes.  :))


I think I’ve made these once a week since I first saw them on Monica’s.  Needless to say my crew loves them.  The Twins top theirs with vanilla ice cream but Babygirl likes her plain with no nuts.  (Click here for a printable recipe!)

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