Friday, August 7, 2009

Blackberry Lemon Sour Cream Bundt Cake

Updated:  Please, note the amount of flour has been corrected!  Thanks, Monica!

This cake is actually an adaptation of Coleen’s Blueberry Sour Cream Bundt Cake.   I baked it for the Twins’ birthday along with  cookies and cream ice cream brownie bites


In an earlier post I mentioned that Jalen and Babygirl brought me baggies filled with freshly picked, ripe blackberries from their PopPop’s garden in NC.  While Devon actually asked for a cookie cake for his birthday I had all those blackberries and two meyer lemons that needed to be used so he got this bundt cake instead. And let me tell you he wasn’t disappointed!  He (we) loved it and not once asked about “his” cookie cake. You wanna know how good it was? My honey, Joe, who generally eats whatever I make with out any fuss actually told me that it was really good after the first bite!  I baked this after breakfast on Sunday and it was gone by evening!  This was one of the best cakes I’ve baked in awhile.  It was so moist and flavorful with its burst of sweet berries and lemony undertones! I wish I could describe it better.  Sunny is the word that comes to mind. Does that makes sense? 


Normally I would post the recipe just as Coleen posted it on her blog with my changes noted but because I made several significant changes I’m posting my version instead.  Please be sure to check out Coleen’s bundt cake as it inspired mine!


Blackberry Lemon Sour Cream Bundt Cake

1 CUP SOUR CREAM at room temperature
2 EGGS at room temperature
The zest of two lemons
1 & 3/4 CUPS ALL PURPOSE FLOUR (see note)
1 CUP FRESH OR FROZEN Blackberries

Measure your sugar into a medium size bowl.  Set aside.  Zest both of your lemons taking care not to remove any of the pith.  (I zested my lemons over the bowl containing the sugar. ) Once both of your lemons are completed zested add the lemon zest into the sugar.  Mix well. (I rubbed the zest into the sugar by hand.  The smell of the lemon sugar is intoxicating!) Set aside. (I let my lemon sugar sit while I was setting everything up.)

Preheat your oven to 350 and grease and flour a 9" bundt pan.

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy; beat in eggs one at a time; stir in sour cream and vanilla. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.  Stir it into the butter mixture until well blended; gently fold in your “floured” blackberries.  Carefully pour or spoon the batter into your prepared bundt pan.

Bake the cake for 55 to 60 minutes in a preheated oven. (I checked mine at 50 minutes and noticed it looked done.  A cake pick inserted into the center came out clean but I think it might have benefited from a few more minutes though I would have needed to cover it with aluminum foil.)  Cool cake (in the pan) on a wire rack for about 10 minutes before turning out onto a cake plate.  (Normally I would turn mine out onto a wire rack to finish cooling but I followed the recipe’s direction and  flipped it out onto the cake plate.)

Note:  Remove 1 TBS of the flour and sprinkle it over your blackberries to help them stay afloat in your batter.  I’ll be DSC01930honest,  I didn’t do this as you can see from my photos.  It wasn’t suggested in the original recipe and Coleen doesn’t mention having any problems with her blueberries sinking so who knows for sure.  I do know that because most of my blackberries sunk they wound up sticking to the pan.


I hope the recipe made sense.  As I typed this out I kept thinking of little things I could/should have done differently.  If you noticed anything off or have any questions please let me know.  (Sorry about that Monica! I stink! :)) I wasn’t always one for playing around with recipes (scaredy cat baker!) but as I’ve grown more confident I have come to realize that most recipes can be altered, easily and successfully to suit my taste.  So, please alter away to suit yours.

Speaking of Monica I neglected to mention in my last post that the skull and bones cupcake liners everyone admired were won from her blog, Lick the Bowl Good.  I actually won several different and very pretty liners that I am savoring saving for a special occasion. (Thanks, Monica!)


Okay, my last bit of business. I mentioned in this post that I  topped my chocolate chip cinnamon bars with a Roasted Banana Buttermilk Ice Cream. I don’t have a specific recipe to give you at this time.  I took my inspiration from several blogs and came up with a recipe.  Not 100% happy with it I tweaked a different recipe to come up with a similar but even tastier ice cream.  Before I give you a recipe(s) I think I should make it a couple more times.  I’d hate for you to follow my directions only to have it not be what you or I hoped for.  I say this because I can’t recall when I made them which means it likely that I don’t remember all my changes. Wanna know how long ago it was?  Late May/very early June! 

Thanks for taking the time to leave me such thoughtful (& funny) comments!  They (YOU) make my day!  :)

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