Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little tree hugger

Here's picture of Babygirl holding one of our neighbor's kitties. She's a tree hugger in the making. Since before she could clearly say veterinarian she has known that she wants to be one. She has always loved animals and shown no fear of them even when they are growling at her. Living in Florida there are always critters (yikes) of some sort running around, she'd be in heaven accept I am a mean, mean mom and won't get her a pet. She is left visiting all the neighbors and their pets. She knows every cat and dog in a 10 house radius. It's kinda funny as neighbors I don't really know will tell her hello and ask her hows she's doing. Most often she doesn't know their name only that of their pet.

She is a huge fan of Animal Planet and all its various shows. When she firsted watching her shows, she would try and take notes, constantly shouting out for us to spell various words. She had just started school and I would tell her to sound it out but often the Twins would tell her tobe quiet and just watch. LOL! She constantly quotes animal facts that she has learned. She doesn't always get it exactly right but because she talks with such authority no one questions her!

It's not just animals but insects, too. We live in the bug capital of America, if not the world and we either have to kill 'em in secret or holler for her to catch 'em. If she's not looking, I admit I kill 'em. Sorry, I don't like bugs. She also asks questions about trees and plants and whether they are alive in the way that we, humans and animals are. That was a difficult question to answer.
While she isn't a vegetarian she really doesn't eat a lot of meat. I wouldn't, though be surprised if one day she becomes one. She's a sweet kid and I love her!
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