Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pecan Cutie Pies

pecan-cutie-piesI first saw these “cuties pies” on Monica’s blog months ago and had every intention of making them straight away.   I didn’t.  By the time I got home, cooked dinner, helped with homework, and was ready to bake I had forgotten about them. It’s usually the last recipe I see  before I head into the kitchen that winds up being pulled out of the oven.  Does that happen to you, too? Or is just me?  Sometimes I even have this nagging feeling that I wanted to make something but can’t think of what it was.


Unlike myself Avril didn’t wait so long .  After hearing her rave about them I added pecans to my grocery list.  I bought the pecans but promptly forgot about making the cutie pies. Again.  It wasn’t until rearranging the fridge and freezer last week that I came across the bag of pecans. This time I was gonna tie the bag around my neck and wear it as a reminder to make the kids and I some pecan cutie pies.  Okay, so I didn’t tie the bag around my neck but I did set it on the counter as a reminder to make them.


Made ‘em.  Ate ‘em.  All gone.

The Giveaway winners are #18 Sherry G. & #38 Lorie.  Congratulations!  Please email me your info.  If I don’t hear from you by Saturday.  I’ll have to chose another winner.

Thanks to everyone that entered!

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