Friday, April 2, 2010

Brioche Baking Babes!

This is going to be short and uh, bready.  Monica, Michelle, and I baked brioche for this month’s challenge. 


March was my month to choose a challenge and I chose  brioche. Golden Brioche to be exact, which I found on epicurious


It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago I was petrified of baking with yeast and now I’m baking brioche.  Wait, I’m not only baking brioche I’m choosing to bake it. Wow!


My experience with brioche and in particular this recipe is that it’s not hard, just time intensive.  You’re probably thinking then was it worth it?  Yes and no.  Yes, because it’s another step towards total confidence in the kitchen especially when using yeast and working with dough. No because while very good, it’s time intensive!  I work and have a family.  Free time for that kind of baking is scarce.  I will say this. It did make a fantastic banana bread pudding.  So good that it actually has me thinking hard about baking brioche again but that’s for another post.  


For the recipe and to find out how Michelle and Monica fared with this recipe hippity hop over to their blogs!  :) 

Hope you have a safe and blessed Easter!


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