Monday, March 1, 2010


with Monica and Michelle.  This month’s installment of our kitchen challenge was chosen by Monica.   She chose Alton Brown’s marshmallow recipe.  If you haven’t tried your hand at making homemade marshmallows and have a bag of store bought ones in your pantry then you need to give this recipe a try.  


Unlike Monica and Michelle this wasn’t my first foray into marshmallow making.  Having already conquered marshmallows I thought of all these great flavors I could make but then thoughts of other recipes seeped into my head and I went the plain route.  I can’t say if these were better than my last batch of marshmallows but my nephew, Babygirl, her friend from across the street, and myself thought they were great, way better than the kind you eat out of a bag! 


With my homemade marshmallows I made several other recipes.  First up and the most obvious was toaster oven s’mores.  These were requested by Babygirl’s friend. 


The toasted marshmallows didn’t get hot enough to really melt the chocolate or I might have let them cool down too much while I was taking photos.  :)


Next up, toasted marshmallow milkshakes.  These are even better than you’d think.  The best part was the bits of charred marshmallows, YUM!  For those of you who are thinking rats, I don’t have homemade marshmallows. You don’t have to wait you can use the store bought jumbo ones.  :)


Everyone loved these and requested I make a second batch but the rest of my marshmallows were designated for other recipes!  You know what?  Add some chocolate syrup, maybe to the sides of the glass and generously sprinkle in some crushed graham crackers and you’ll have a s’mores shake!  If you make it let me know! 


During our email exchanges Monica, Michelle, and I all agreed turning our marshmallows into cinnamon ones would have been a great adaption to the recipe.  While it was too late to flavor the inside of my marshmallows I thought what if I added cinnamon to the outside? I added some to the cornstarch and powdered sugar and then tossed several of my freshly cut marshmallows.  Pretty good!  Not as good I’m sure as adding the cinnamon to the cooked sugar but definitely nice.  (Hey, MichelleMonica?  You guys coming over for some milkshake and cinnamon marshmallows?)


There was one more thing I made with my marshmallows, nutella marshmallow mousse.  Unfortunately you’re gonna have to come back for it. This post is already running  kinda long and you still need to go visit Michelle and Monica’s to check out their marshmallows! 


To the 10 Lucky Leaf winners I emailed your addresses to Krista.  I asked that she please let me know when the packages are in route to you.  If she does I’ll let you know.   To those of you that didn’t win I have another giveaway coming up.  I meant to have the post up this weekend but marshmallows kinda got in the way.  :)

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